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Da Glidewell Boys

Hey Boys!

This is for you:). You guys are the best! We can’t wait for you to get back to HNL. There are so many great things here we want to show you. You are intelligent, fun, handsome guys, and we just thought this would make you smile!

Update: Boys are permanently living in HNL, tan n happy!

This website is basically a shell

We look forward to the day when we get everything going! Unfortunately, we will be delayed due to some funding issues (the ex-wife is lecherous) and will be brainstorming great ideas to bring until then:).

If there is any confusion as to the pictures we used, let me clarify for those that do not see the obvious. The pictures of the bikes are from the internet. We in no way meant to represent them as our own. This is not our official website as we are not an up and running business yet. It is unfortunate that while we are working on it everyone can check it out, and make false assumptions. Those of you that know better, cheers! We so look forward to the day we get off the ground, and we promise to dazzle you then. Be patient and thank you for your support!